DIY Custom Made Chaise Lounge Cushions

Looking for a great Idea for Custom Made Chaise Cushions. We have it here and we’ll have you save tons of money by doing it yourself!

We found these directions at Martha Stewart Living – she’s always such an inspiration!

Below are very similar directions only we added one step so you can leave your cushions out all year long!

Instead of settling for a cushion with a fabric print that you know you’re not going to be happy with (and by that we mean going to the local Home Improvement Store and choosing from the same fabric patterns they’ve had for the last 10 years), sew your own Chaise Lounge Cushions this weekend!

Materials for one Chaise Lounge Cushion:

2.25 yards of Sunbrella Fabric in your choice of color (hint – find one of those coupons from Joanns and save big bucks). It’s fade resistant and can be left outdoors all year long. You will want to end up with a piece a little wider than your chaise and twice as long plus about 8 inches or so.

4 (four) Bed Pillows – 22″ x 18″ standard size polyester filled bed pillows

8 or 16 feet of matching twill tape (optional)


1) This is so easy! Now fold your fabric in half lengthwise, right sides facing (making sure you like the direction of the fabric), and sew the short ends. With a water-soluable pen, divide the fabric into four equal lengths and pin and sew, leaving four openings for your pillows. Turn your fabric right side out.

2) ** Pay attention now. If you want to be able to take the pillows out and wash your cushion, you will skip number three below … Just stuff your pillows into the four spaces and sew 12″ pieces of twill onto the open edge of each pillow section – front and back – and tie it closed.) If you want to make them to be left out all year long, turn fabric right side out and go on to #3.

3) Stuff the four openings with the pillows and you can either hand or machine sew the other long side. Voila! You have a custom chaise lounge that you will enjoy for years to come.

Of course, if it’s all too much, don’t worry! We carry a huge line of outdoor chaise lounges, many of which have Sunbrella Cushions included, such as the Montego Resin Wicker Chaise Lounge by North Cape International. It’s made with top quality Resin Wicker which looks just like real wicker without the cost! And it comes in two gorgeous colors including traditional white and contemporary seagrass and a choice of dozens of Sunbrella Cushions – or choose your own! If you don’t need the chaise but just the cushions, we can handle that too. Just give us a call anytime …. The Patio Homestore 866 777-5295. We’d love to hear about your DIY projects!


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